The Toolbar is located at the top of the screen and contains shortcuts to some of the more commonly used features in the simulator. In addition, each pane is divided into seven sections, which contain shortcuts that are grouped into commonly used features.

  1. File management:

    Shortcuts to new, open, and save dialog boxes
  2. Undo / Redo stack:

    It allows you to undo or reboot an action in an object (for example, change the position of an object in the model field), keeps a list of recent commands (eg, add or delete an object)
  3. Simulator control:

    Used to start, stop and pause the simulation

  4. Previous / Next state stack:

    A saved simulation allows you to step into the status line. For example, while driving the robot across the walls of a room, we can "pause" the simulation when the robot turns every corner. Clicking on the "backwards" or "forward" buttons in the "previous / next state stack" will simulatively return or advance the robot to different stages (or corners).
  5. Manipulation tools:

    Includes shortcuts to frequently used tools to manipulate the object.

  • The Truck Camera allows us to adjust the position of the main camera at a fixed distance.

  • The Move Object is the primary tool used to select objects in the model field, allowing the user to change the position of the model along the x, y, z axes.

  • Rotate Object is used to change the rotation of a selected object along the x, y, z axes.

  • When Object Find is selected in the Find Object window, it will find an object in the model field.

  1. Robot Tools:

    Includes shortcuts to commonly used tools for working with the robot.

  • The Import Wizard allows the user to import an LDraw (* .ldr) formatted robot into the model space.

  • Manage Attachments allows the user to add or remove selected robot attachments. If no robot is selected, this button is disabled.

  • Real-Time Data allows the user to see the current readings from the robots' attached motors and sensors.

  • The Scoreboard View will open the scoreboard of the projects.

Contains shortcuts to access objects and properties.
  • The Object List now lists the objects in the model field.

  • The Object Library is a collection of 3D models that can be added to the model space.

  • Object Properties, where we can set the physical properties of a selected object.