The Latest Update: VRT 2.8.15719.0

We made some updates to the software recently. Here's the highlights!

  • Environments can now be exported as a competition
  • New help menu for a more intuitive experience (click the question mark icon on the top right of the Simple toolbar for tips!)
  • Improved the Measurement Utility user interface
  • Adjusted sizing
  • Updated angle calculations
  • Corrected distance tracking
  • New tips and tricks in the main toolbar
  • Improved the MakeCode window's performance
  • Tuned up the motors and polished the sensors
  • Made the UltraSonic sensor more realistic
  • Greased the gears
  • Gears are now able to spin at lower speeds
  • Improved the gear import process
  • Fixed an issue with importing RSIM files
  • Various bug fixes