1. New User interface

There are now not one, not two, but three windows available for use in the software! On the bottom, you'll see the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 programming environment, which will allow you to conveniently make adjustments to your robot's code.

On the top right screen is your learning environment, which features a login screen.

Lastly, on the top left screen is the classic Virtual Robotics Toolkit simulated environment.

Click here to learn how to customize the user interface according to your own preferences.

2. Simple Mode

Newly introduced is our Simple Mode, a great feature for beginners or individuals needing a simplified way to code their robot! Simple Mode contains all the basic necessities you'll need to have fun with the Virtual Robotics Toolkit.

Simple Mode now loads by default when you start up the Virtual Robotics Toolkit. Upon opening, you'll see a simplified version of the classic toolbar that looks like this:

To learn more about what each button can be used for, check out the "Toolbars" article in the "Simulator Basics" section on the left side of your screen.

Note:  Simple Mode does not include the full range of capabilities that the Virtual Robotics Toolkit can provide. Some features have been excluded from Simple Mode to ensure a smoother experience for new users.

If you don't like what you see, no worries! Your favourite tools and features haven't gone anywhere - they've just been moved to "Advanced Mode". To access "Advanced Mode", all you have to do is press "F12" on your keyboard. Once pressed, you'll be able to view a larger toolbar on the top of your screen and you'll have access to the full potential of the Virtual Robotics Toolkit!

Once you're in Advanced Mode, you'll still be able to swap back and forth between the two modes by pressing F12. Have fun!

3. Addition of Measurement Utility

Also new is the ability to measure distances and angles! In Advanced Mode, you can now measure the distance between two points, the angle between two line segments, and more! Simply follow these steps to try it out for yourself!

  1. Press "F12" on your keyboard to access Advanced Mode.
  2. Click on the measurement tool icon (pictured below).
  3. Click on any two points on the challenge mat - their distance and angle will be revealed!

Measurement Tool Icon

4. Mission Manager

With the addition of the Mission Manager, you are now able to randomize and customize simulated mats!

For WRO mats, you have the ability to randomize objects on the map! Any object tagged as random can be randomized with this tool. Simply navigate to the View tab, click on Mission Manager to reveal the Mission Manager window, and then click randomize. It's that easy! Randomizing objects by colour and physical location creates a more authentic experience, as you are now able to truly simulate competitive play.

For FLL mats, the Mission Manager allows you to remove unwanted mission models that are loaded by default. Simply open up the Mission Manager window and un-check any unwanted items to remove them from the simulation.

Watch our video about this tool - click here!

5. Ease of Downloading Code

Users can download and run their code at the press of a button – just like a physical robot. Once you have completed your code in the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 programming environment, click on the download icon (the upside down arrow) to transfer it to your virtual robot. Click here to learn how to run your program.

6. Competition Capability

Allows users from around the world to compete with each other virtually. Users have the ability to face-off on over 20 different mats! Read more about them here.

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Powered by Froala Editor