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Customizing the User Interface

Default Interface (Simulation Environment, Learning Environment, & EV3 Programming Environment) Upon startup of the software, the default interface (pictured) is the first screen users will see. It includes the simulation environment in the top left, the Learning Environment in the top right, and the EV3 Programming environment on the bottom. Half & Half (Simulation Environment & EV3 Programming Environment) The default user interface can be manipulated to hide the Learning Environment by clicking thebutton. In this view, the simulation environment is featured on the top, while the EV3 Programming environment can be seen on the bottom. Fully Expanded (Simulation Environment) To fully expand the simulation environment window, click the VRT button, or the maximize icon in the top right corner of its window. Doing this will hide the EV3 Programming environment. To revert back to the default display, simply click the button.