Getting Started

In these first few projects, you’ll learn the basics of simulation using the EV3 programming environment. The projects are grouped so that each successive project introduces a new skill or sensor.

Line Follower

Follow the black line to navigate through a maze. Watch out for obstacles!

Robot Vacuum

Someone has made an awful mess in here! With all of these bricks scattered across the floor, it's really only a matter of time before someone steps on one. Can you write a program to vacuum it all up?

Cleanup Challenge

Knock down the tower and clean all of the parts off of this mat. Do it as quickly as possible, but be careful. Don't fall off!

Competitive / Multiplayer

With the basic projects mastered, why not try your hand at one of the multi-robot challenges? Compete against yourself or a friend and run multiple programs simultaneously.


Engage in two-robot soccer! Use both the infrared and compass sensors and write a program that locates the ball and net.


Are you the king of the ring? Push your opponent out to find out.

Multiplayer Sweep

It takes two! Knock down the tower and capture all of the pieces from the mat before your opponent does.

We simulate WRO and FLL mats for every year's challenges

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