A sequence of actions will be shown for importing the LDraw model in the simulator .

1. In the simulator, click the Help menu and select a patch for the LEGO® digital designer .

2. In the LEGO digital designer, click on the “File” menu and select “Export Model”.

3. When prompted, select LDraw (* .ldr) in the list of formats for the exported files and place it to save the file.
4. Open the simulator and select the clear call.

5. Click the move object button and select a robot. With the robot selected, press the Delete key to remove it from the model space.

6. Now we need to look at the project, in which there are no robots.

7. To import our own robot into the simulator, click on the environment menu and select "Import model ..."

8. This will launch the LDraw Simulator Import Wizard.

9. After import, the simulator analyzes the model to determine which components are rigidly connected (i.e. connector pins and chassis components    ) and whose components are in free motion (i.e. wheels on the robot).

10. Next, the import wizard will identify specific components, such as motors and sensors. The user will be prompted to assign these special components to the ports of the    smart blocks so that they can later be tracked using the LEGO®    mindstorms® in the programming environment.

11. With motors and sensors connected to the corresponding ports, the user will be prompted to assign control keys for the birth of the robot. Being able   to do everything possible to   experience all the efforts   and efforts associated with programming robots to perform tasks.

12. The models will be completed, and the user will be prompted to click the “OK” button to close the wizard.

13. The robot will appear in the center of the project file, clicking on the play button to start the simulator allows us our creation using the keyboard: which   we assigned.

14. As a curiosity, select the imported robot using the object transfer tool. Click on the Render menu and make sure that “Physics” is checked. Please note that the now    imported model glows like a Christmas tree! This is because the model now    contains intelligence; these are not just "unusual" photos.