In this article, we will look at the installation process of the Virtual Robotics Toolkit. We will also spend some time discussing the minimum and recommended systrequirements and talking about some other LEGO tools you might want to use.

The Virtual Robotic Toolkit uses a standard setup wizard. To proceed, you must know the terms of the license agreement, accept these terms, and click the Download button.

Now, depending on the type of computer you are using, the installation may take several minutes.

However, when this is done, we will close the setup wizard and see that we have a desktop shortcut for the simulator on the screen. Double-click the icon to open the Virtual Robotics toolkit. You will be prompted to type an activation key or start letter. Make your selection and click OK. The Virtual Robotic Toolkit is now installed on my computer.

Now, to get the best results from the simulator, there are some additional tools you can use, such as the EV3 programming environment, which you can download for free from the official Mindstorms website.

To create 3D models, we will use another downloadable Lego digital designer from LEGO Group.

Once your 3D models are created, you need a way to export them to the simulation tool. LDraw is an open source CAD standard specifically designed to work with Lego. To install the LDraw library, click the Start link on the LDraw home page, select a platform, and then click the step-by-step download link.

LDraw All-in-One installer is really what we're looking for, so do a click and download. When the setup wizard opens here, the LDraw part libraries are the ones we are most interested in. We can remove ML Cad and some of these programs as disk saving measures. When selections are made, I can click Next to specify an installation path and complete the installation of the LDraw All-in-one library.

The next step is patching Lego Digital Designer. To use it with our newly installed block library, click the Help menu in the Virtual Robotic Toolkit for Patch Lego Digital Designer.

We are ready to explore the virtual robotics room while eliminating these boring things.