1. Open the EV3 programming environment, and create a new program called MoveEV3. This simple EV3 program will do nothing more than use a single MOVE STEERING block to propel the robot forward one rotation.

                                                                                                    Sample EV3 program that uses a move block

2. In the simulator, click on the View menu and select "EV3" to call up the Intelligent Brick.

                                                                              Opening the digital EV3 Intelligent Brick

                                                                                Running program on digital EV3 brick

                                                                  Turn the digital EV3 brick on by pressing the middle button.

3. In the LEGO EV3 programming environment, note that now under the wifi connections tab, our digital brick appears. Click the download button, to transfer our program to the simulator.
                                                                                 Connecting to the simulator from EV3

4. In the simulathe digital Intelligent Brick should now have our EV3 program loaded. We can view it by visiting the Bricks’ File Navigation tab.

                                                                                Loading a program on to the EV3 brick

5. Press the Play button to start the simulator, and then press the middle button on the EV3 brick to run our program.

                                                                        Starting the simulator, and then running program off of digital EV3 brick

6. The robot should move forward one rotation.

7. When finished working with the project, disconnect the brick from the EV3 programming environment.


                                                          Disconnecting simulator from EV3 programming environment