The installation process of LEGO Digital Designer and LDraw is quite simple. Go to the official LEGO Digital Designer website Click the Download button and select the platform you want to Windows or Mac to download the application.

After that, follow the prompts in the setup wizard, accept the license terms, click Next, configure your shortcuts, click Next again, and follow the prompts.

In order to transfer your simulator model successfully, you need to install the Ldraw track library. For this reason, go to the download link: and download the Ldraw All-In-One installer.

This thing is part of a monster file, so you must be very patient to download it. Then, enter the captcha code to prove that you are not a robot, click Submit and have yourself a cup of coffee. Now follow the prompts in the Setup Wizard. There are a few options that need to be configured. For this reason, accept the license terms and change several installation options. We will continue to keep LDview, although we will choose ML Cad, an alternative to the LEGO Digital Designer, and allow you to preview the exported models. Deselect LPUB and uncheck the official LEGO models, so that you will not work with them, and then click Next.

Enter the path to the ldraw installation.

Select the shortcuts you want to use and click Next.

The last interesting thing is to use LDView to create thumbnails. The exported models are an incredibly useful tool for previewing from LEGO Digital Designer. By previewing the model in LDView, you can be assured that your model is exported correctly. If not, there will be missing parts in the model.

Before you go, go to the Preferences menu in the Virtual Robot Toolbox, click the Path tab, and make sure the simulator can find the Ldraw folder. If you can see the path to LDraw in the box, click the Browse button and navigate to the path that you set up your Ldraw library. It is usually installed under C:\Program Files(x86)\LDraw.

To synchronize the LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) with LDraw and the simulator, click on the Help menu in the VRT and install the Lego Digital Designer program. This will allow LDD to transfer models to SIM.

This briefly outlines the installation process of the Lego Digital Designer and LDraw track library.