An Interview with Marvin Castillo (The Cogcast #002)

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Marvin Castillo is the Executive Director and President of FUNDESTEAM, a Non-Profit Organization specialized in the development and implementation of STEAM education in public and private schools. This organization has already reached 20,000 children from socially vulnerable areas, and on a weekly basis they have the opportunity to participate in robotics competitions and science projects. While having an engineering background, Marvin is well-versed in the business world. He’s sold houses, diving services, ship repairs, and built a multi-million dollar company from a laptop in his bedroom. Today, he is a National Organizer for the World Robot Olympiad and is heading the expansion of Robot Virtual Games, a entirely digital platform that provides students around the world with affordable and powerful opportunities to learn coding through robotics.


0:00​ – Intro

2:20​ – What he’s currently working on

3:32​ – Early beginnings

6:42​ – Starting a multi-million dollar company, advice to young entrepreneurs

14:40​ – Solving problems with an engineering mindset

17:30​ – The importance of arts in STEAM

20:25​ – What he’s learned from getting involved in the robotics community

26:35​ – First impressions of the Virtual Robotics Toolkit

33:10​ – Transforming Panama’s educational system during a pandemic

36:51​ – The future of education

40:05​ – Message to students, teachers, and the robotics community

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