Day 1 of CSEdWeek2016

Today marks the beginning of Computer Science Education Week 2016  ( CSEdWeek2016 ) It’s an exciting time to be alive, and an even more exciting time to be a student. With education technology on the rise, and even more applications becoming available in schools, the future is bright for many. Who Founded CSEdWeek? Computer Science […]

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Don’t Forget About STEM This Summer

The Forgotten Option of STEM After-School There are no shortages of after-school activities for parents to get their kids involved in. Soccer, swimming, ballet, gymnastics and hockey to name a few, all eventually work their way into millions of household schedules across the globe. While some students go on to become professional athletes, some also lose […]

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EdTech Products: What Works?

“What do I Look for in EdTech Products?” The rising popularity of EdTech products and software must be mind-boggling to educators, when it comes to making a choice about what to spend the budget dollars on. Will it be effective? Will the students engage? Will they enjoy using it? When we look to equate usage with value, that’s […]

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What Robotics can Teach Students

What Students can Learn From Robotics Any teacher or mentor of an FLL or WRO team will tell you that their students are benefiting across several different aspects of their academic and personal lives. The team-building and excitement; the challenges and problem solving; the lasting friendships and new life skills are all listed as great […]

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