An Interview with Mylene Abiva (Cogcast #07)

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Mylene Abiva is the President & CEO of FELTA Multi-Media Inc., a 56-year-old company that introduces innovative instructional materials and educational devices for school technology. FELTA has been the Education Solution Provider of INTEL Education since 2012.

Mylene has a ton of achievements to her name; she is a former President of the Philippine Marketing Association, an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines Women Entrepreneur) 2009, one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Awardee 2016, and the list goes on. 

Mylene is proud to be the first and only female ambassador for the World Robot Olympiad, otherwise known as the WRO, has been involved in her fair share of competitive robotics. She and her company have been the organizers of the Philippine Robotics Olympiad since 2001, the WRO International Final WRO in 2010 in Manila, and the World Robot Olympiad Friendship Invitational 2018 in Cebu.

FELTA has also been heavily involved in Robot Virtual Games, an online robotics platform, which allows students of any age to compete against each other globally.


00:46 – Guest Introduction

2:56 – Currently working on

4:39 – How to innovate a company while staying true to its origins

6:47 – Where does ‘Champion of the Geeks’ come from?

10:32 – How parents can support their children

13:25 – How can students take steps to improve their education

15:57 – What will companies need to innovate next?

17:50 – Virtual competitions with Robot Virtual Games

21:10 – Is homeschooling here to stay?

23:27 – Passion versus purpose

25:36 – Traits that allow leaders to succeed in business

28:40 – Thoughts on emerging tech and the future

30:10 – Her message to the world

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