An Interview with Murtaza Sinnarwala (The Cogcast #006)

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Murtaza Sinnarwala is an Apple Education Specialist working in the UAE, though he’s worn many hats in the education space throughout his career. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration in Quality Management, he went on to work as a Quality Engineer at LG Electronics, before later becoming a LEGO Certified Trainer, ATLAB Training Head, and more. In the latter role, he helped the organization deliver STEM, Robotics, and AI Training worldwide. Murtaza has been coaching K – University technology and Educators for over 10 years. He is also a passionate advocate for Project Based Learning PBL and mental health. What’s more, he is a soon-to-be co-author with a book titled ‘Amplify Learning’, set to launch in 2022.


00:00 – Guest Introduction

2:34 – Introduction

3:45 – The role of companies in education

6:39 – Why standardized testing doesn’t work

9:58 – His biggest takeaway from working in education

12:45 – Why losing skills is a good thing

14:48 – Well-being and self-care for educators

18:22 – Empowering students to continue learning

20:43 – What teachers should do differently post-COVID

22:55 – Thoughts on the K-12 education system

25:00 – Emerging technology he’s excited about

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