Which Software Should I Download?

One of the best things about the Virtual Robotics Toolkit is its flexibility – it’s compatible with lots of other software!
But with great flexibility, comes great responsibility, and that’s why it’s our job to help you choose which additional software to download and use with VRT.

We’ve designed a handy little chart below for you, which sums all of this advice up (and which you can take a screenshot of so that you can refer to it later).

Option #1 – Download Only the Virtual Robotics Toolkit

The Virtual Robotics Toolkit is powerful enough on its own, that it can be used without the need for any additional software! This option is the best choice if you are a Mac user, since all of the additional software is compatible only with Windows devices.

You should also choose this option if you are not interested in coding your virtual robot with the EV3 programming language, AND if you’re not interested in importing custom robots into the simulator. Don’t worry, even if you’re a Mac user, you can still use Microsoft MakeCode (already embedded within the Virtual Robotics Toolkit) to code using the Blockly and Javascript languages.

Option #2 – Download the Virtual Robotics Toolkit and the EV3 Software

If you’re interested in programming using the EV3 programming language, but if you’re NOT interested in importing your own custom robots into the simulator, option #2 is the one for you! Once the EV3 software is installed, you’ll have the flexibility to code with the Blockly, Javascript, or EV3 languages.

Option #3 – Download the Virtual Robotics Toolkit, LEGO Digital Designer®, and LDraw

If you’re hoping to import custom robots, but don’t want to code using the EV3 programming language, the only additional software you need to download are LEGO Digital Designer® and LDraw!

With this option, you will have the ability to build and import custom robots into the simulator; you will also be able to program using either the Blockly or Javascript languages using the embedded Microsoft MakeCode window.

Option #4 – Download the Virtual Robotics Toolkit, the EV3 Software, LEGO Digital Designer®, and LDraw

This last option offers you the most functionality when using the Virtual Robotics Toolkit. By downloading the Virtual Robotics Toolkit, the EV3 Software, LEGO Digital Designer®, and LDraw, you will be able to code using the EV3 language, as well as import your own custom robots into the simulator.

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An Interview with Murtaza Sinnarwala (The Cogcast #006)

Stream The Cogcast, Hosted by Cogmation Robotics


Murtaza Sinnarwala is an Apple Education Specialist working in the UAE, though he’s worn many hats in the education space throughout his career. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration in Quality Management, he went on to work as a Quality Engineer at LG Electronics, before later becoming a LEGO Certified Trainer, ATLAB Training Head, and more. In the latter role, he helped the organization deliver STEM, Robotics, and AI Training worldwide. Murtaza has been coaching K – University technology and Educators for over 10 years. He is also a passionate advocate for Project Based Learning PBL and mental health. What’s more, he is a soon-to-be co-author with a book titled ‘Amplify Learning’, set to launch in 2022.


00:00 – Guest Introduction

2:34 – Introduction

3:45 – The role of companies in education

6:39 – Why standardized testing doesn’t work

9:58 – His biggest takeaway from working in education

12:45 – Why losing skills is a good thing

14:48 – Well-being and self-care for educators

18:22 – Empowering students to continue learning

20:43 – What teachers should do differently post-COVID

22:55 – Thoughts on the K-12 education system

25:00 – Emerging technology he’s excited about

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