An Interview with Adam El Rafey (The Cogcast #05)

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Adam El Rafey is a super social, 11-year-old public speaker, innovator, learning enthusiast, and thought leader. He is passionate about reforming the traditional education system, inspiring others to voice their opinions, helping people make a difference regardless of their age, and strongly believes that decisions should be made based on ability, not age. Adam is one of the youngest TEDx speakers globally and has spoken at over 19 major conferences such as GITEX, GESS, and Dubai Future Week. He is no stranger to media having been featured in numerous newspapers, TV segments, radio shows, and podcasts. He is an Awecademy Alumnus, currently the youngest innovator at The Knowledge Society’s virtual global program, and attends both primary and secondary school. He is a big AR/VR enthusiast and science and tech lover. Adam loves following his intellectual curiosity and always finds himself down one rabbit hole or another and emerging with some fascinating discoveries!


1:00 – Introduction

2:05 – Finding your voice

3:17 – Where he gets his confidence?

5:00 – The best mentors he had

9:14 – Reforming education system

12:49 – What is Kinesthetic Learning?

14:29 – How parents can foster success for their children?

15:59 – Parents’ encouragement

17:24 – What “The Knowledge Society” gave him?

19:32 – The next 10 years in STEM!!

22:52 – The role of companies in education

25:48 – Message to the World

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