How to Customize Floors in the Virtual Robotics Toolkit

robot in sandbox with earth picture; how to customize floors in the virtual robotics toolkit
  1. Enter Advanced Mode by pressing F12 (or Fn + F12) on your keyboard
  2. Click the Objects Library button in the top toolbar.
3D shapes grouped together

3. Find the object titled, “Floor”. This may be located in a different part of the objects library, depending on which project mat you have open. For example, in Sandbox Challenge, “Floor” can be found by expanding “Sandbox” in the objects library. Object lists can be expanded by clicking on the plus sign (+) on the left hand side of the object.

4. Click on “Floor”.

5. Click the Object Properties button, which is also located in the top toolbar.

6. Scroll down and click “Material / Texture” in the Object Properties window.

7. Click the pencil icon in the lower left hand corner.

8. Click on the picture of the mat, which can be seen on the right hand side of the window that pops up. In the Sandbox Challenge, this picture is a white square with smaller blue, green, red, and black squares on it.

9. Once the Texture Selection window shows up, you may either select a new mat picture from one of the options listed, or click “Browse” in the lower left hand corner to select a file from your own computer.

10. Select your picture file (which must either be in JPEG or PNG format) and then click “Apply”. Click “Apply” once more, then click “OK”.

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An Interview with Stephanie Carrasco (The Cogcast #004)

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Stephanie Carrasco is a Coordinator of Advanced Academics for the Socorro Independent School District, also known as SISD. Located in El Paso, Texas, this district is home to nearly 50,000 students. For four years she has handled academic events for the district, including a decathalon and a huge robotics competition, which we’ll hear more about soon.

Stephanie has a wide-ranging skillset, having a background in the sciences before earning her Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and Leadership from Lamar University. She is a passionate educator who strives to ensure that her students graduate as career-ready professionals who continue to be learners long after they’ve left the district.


2:12 – Introduction

3:06 – ROBOCOM 7.0

7:15 – What surprised her about the shift to virtual competition

9:35 – Making students career ready and pride in district

14:33 – What she learns from her students

20:02 – Assessing programs and knowing which technology is good for students

24:51 – The next 10 years

29:59 – Message to the world

31:41 – Closing Remarks

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Article: ROBOCOM 7.0 goes virtual – 

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An Interview with Yücel Tekin (The Cogcast #003)

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Yücel Tekin is the founder and CEO of Robotum, an organization which facilitates robotics workshops for children and teens between the ages of 6 and 19. Before working on his company full-time, Yücel had experience as the Director of Distance Learning at Atilim University, as a Chief Information Officer in the military, as an ICT Instructor, and more. Robotum acts as a consultant to schools and institutions interested in technology education and competitive robotics. Their talented team of youth builders and programmers routinely attends national and international competitions such as FIRST LEGO League Jr., FIRST LEGO League, and World Robot Olympiad. Having four degrees, Yücel is a well-educated and experienced individual. After completing two undergraduate degrees in Management and Computer Science, he earned his Master’s in Education Technology, before finally achieving his Ph.D. based on his research into the effects of robotics on mathematics.


2:00 – Introduction

4:10 – The most rewarding part of his job & working with Baskinet University

5:35 – How he discovered the Virtual Robotics Toolkit

7:40 – What he learns from his students

9:23 – Teaching his son and his role as a parent

12:58 – The advantages of virtual robotics

15:25 – His view on the next 10 years in STE(A)M

17:33 – Changing career paths & his educational background

21:18 – What the future classroom will look like and why education should be personalized

24:06 – His message to the world

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