An Interview with Marwa Soudi (The Cogcast #001)

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Marwa Soudi is an engineer, entrepreneur, teacher, and self-proclaimed tinkerer who claims she never uses a manual to build furniture. Marwa has a B.Sc. in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, as well as a M.Sc. in High Power Lasers and Meta-material devices from Alexandria University. She has also earned her Masters in Educational Technology from the University of Tartu. She co-founded the STEM-centric company, Ideasgym, in 2011, an organization which enriches the educational journeys of children in Egypt through project-based curricula. Marwa is decorated with a lengthy list of awards, including but not limited to:

• Winning first place in the MSMEs category for her Ideasgym work in the Women in ICT Awards • Being a finalist in Miss Digital Africa 2019

• Being selected as a Tony Elemelu Foundation Entrepreneur in 2018

• She has been a World Robot Olympiad National Organizer

• She has been a former speaker at the 2012 Global Education Forum in Dubai

In addition to all of these accomplishments, Marwa is also a co-founder of the IEEE Egypt Women in Engineering affinity group, a former IEEE RAS Juniors chair, and was a DigiGirlz robotics workshops leader for Microsoft Egypt from 2014 to 2019. As we speak, her and her team are working hard to develop a new e-learning environment based on constructionist principles.

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Time Stamps

3:00 – Her work with IdeasGym & Tools, teaching during a pandemic

8:51 – On troubleshooting and how to cultivate it as a skill

14:40 – Failure’s Role in the Learning Process

22:25 – What She Learns from her Students

31:02 – Building a Healthy Relationship with Technology

39:00 – Mental Wellbeing, Combating Burnout, Splitting Focus, Mission as a Teacher

42:25 – How the Transmission Model Fails and What we Should Do Instead

44:15 – Avoiding the Jargon Trap, Communicating Effectively with Students and Colleagues

50:58 – What she Learned from her Teachers and Why We Should Teach Differently

59:37 – Where Technology Is Going and How the World Will Have to Adapt

1:06:45 – Message to Everyone Sound effects from

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